Double-sided antibacterial chopping board, enjoy healthy cooking: healthy diet is protected by it

A good chopping board can bring better cooking experience. This chopping board can be used on both sides, cut raw and cooked separately, prevent cross infection, thicken the material, not easy to crack and more durable

The inclined board is raised and the juice along the edge does not pollute the table top: N-type double-sided tilt, slope diversion, edge water barrier, juice does not overflow

Anti-slip texture increases friction, and cutting vegetables does not slip without hurting hands: non-slip surface of cutting board prevents food from slipping

Slice raw and cooked vegetables on both sides: cut cooked vegetables on one side/fresh fish on the other side

Set up a grinding area: easy grinding of ginger and garlic mash, easy to handle baby supplementary food

It is made of high toughness plastic, which is resistant to chopping and chopping and is not easy to fall off slag, chopping and cutting without hurting the knife, and the panel is not cracked


Size: 20*26 cm

Material: PP/PE

Function: double-sided antibacterial

Color: Nordic rice/pure white

Package: 1*chopping block